Sustainability solutions

Boosting your impact and performance

Frenchenviro has the expertise to help you increase operational efficiency, improve your sustainability performance and future proof your organisation to give you the competitive edge.


Sustainable practice helps cut costs, improve performance and increase access to certified supply chains and a rapidly growing sector of conscious consumer.

Our expertise covers all areas of sustainability that improve environmental, social and economic performance at a holistic or targeted level.

Our focus includes

  • Energy efficiency and cost reduction
  • Water management, recovery and reuse
  • Waste management and reuse
  • Sustainable site development
  • Environmental and social impact
  • Supply chains


Frenchenviro designs and implements integrated solutions tailored to your business size and budget to maximise return on investment, capitalize on easy wins and improve impact and performance.

We deliver

  • Assessment and benchmarking
  • Sustainability and environmental policies, management plans and procedures
  • Energy, water and waste management solutions
  • Climate change planning and adaption
  • Green infrastructure (master planning, water sensitive urban design (WSUD), waste water recovery, environmental restroration, urban/regenerative agriculture)
  • Sustainable product and materials investigations
  • Stakeholder education and engagement
  • Project management and implementation