Holistic Management (HM) provides the management tools and expansive thinking that are essential for anyone seeking to create positive and effective social, environmental and economic change. It’s a bold statement but this approach has been applied to many agricultural, business and social enterprises over the last 40 years with great success.

HM is about the way we make decisions in an ever changing environment and the tools we can use to improve the productivity and returns in life and business more than a provision of specific formulas and systems to manage the land as it is our decisions that have the greatest impact on the outcome we desire. Every situation is unique and has a set of complex variables which are hard to understood or anticipate and it is how we respond to change that counts.

I will go into it more in an upcoming post but for the meantime I have posted a very brief summary of HM that I am using for a media release to explain what it is all about and a link here to the course flyer (CLICK HERE – 2015 HM course Flyer, McLaren Vale, SA).

So, what is Holistic Management?

Holistic Management injects emotion, humanity and environment into the way we manage. It teaches a powerful decision-making process that gives users the ability to design and plan the future they want while ensuring that the environment can sustain it. Holistic Management first originated as a land restoration method which used the strategic grazing of animals to improve eco-system function and productivity. It has since evolved into an effective decision making system that is relevant for any business, land manager, family or organization. The training improves people’s ability to increase the productivity of their land (or business) and maximise profitability in a way that is environmentally and socially sound. The course covers decision making, goal setting, holistic grazing planning, financial planning and land planning and includes resources and ongoing support that will help people develop their skills over time.”

Whatever your situation I am positive that HM can help you get a lot closer to the results you want be it improving your environment, creating sustainable business or creating better work-life balance. Get in touch with me or Brian Wehlburg (the teacher) to find out more and enroll. With any luck I will see you there.

P.S. If you want to find out more please give me a call and I will be happy to have a chat and put you in contact with more resources.