2312, 2014

Top 7 tips on creating healthy, low maintenance gardens

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You want a low maintenance backyard that is functional and environmentally efficient, inspirational, improves your health and helps you throw insane social gatherings of any nature. So where do you start? Whether you are starting from scratch and renewing an existing space, follow these simple guidelines, get stuck in, and be rewarded. Landscapes take time to mature and a small [...]

812, 2014

Top 5 fruit trees for the Adelaide plains

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Don’t know where your food comes from or how it’s produced? Are your keen to get started growing some of your own? If so, fruit trees are a great way to go. They are low maintenance and can pump out good amounts of great tasting, organic food with little effort. They also provide great structure for a garden and can [...]

212, 2014

Healthy environments pay “big time”

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There’s not too many out there who doubt we need to reconnect with our environment big time. The more we make our cities, homes and work places like mass produced supermarket items the more we surround ourselves by crude shapes, non-living materials and environments that increasingly stress us out. What’s more, many of these items take a lot of energy [...]

2611, 2014

This is no ice bucket challenge

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Growing up in SA, in the 70’s and 80’s I learnt that “we live in the driest state in the driest continent on earth”? Guess what, it’s not true….we are the driest state in Australia but Antarctica has less rainfall. If we talk run-off, available freshwater or driest inhabitated continent then we are back on top….Yey! Nit pickiness aside, basically [...]

1409, 2014

Why Green Walls

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Why not? I know what I would rather have…give me a lush green living wall instead of a bare brick or rendered division any day. They may seem a little abstract at first when surrounded by conventional buildings, like islands in the middle of the sea, but I predict they will be quite the norm in the near future. They [...]

1409, 2014

Video Post

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