Fast tracking sustainability. Supporting life on earth. 

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We work with schools, businesses and communities to develop amazing, innovative projects that benefit people, business and life on earth.

Turn complex sustainability related problems into creative, financially viable opportunities with measurable economic, social and environmental returns.

Change is inevitable and its happening fast. Challenge paradigms and take control of the future.

  • Build engaged, knowledgeable teams
  • Identify sustainability related opportunities and innovation
  • Design and build sustainable, healthy green spaces and productive landscapes
  • Create positive carbon and ecological footprints
  • Implement energy, water, waste and resource generation and recovery initiatives
  • Develop proactive environmental management systems and strategies
  • Reduce costs and increase innovation
  • Build your reputation by positively impacting people and our planet

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Read some of our case studies.

2904, 2016

Tanunda Lutheran School – Case study

In 2013, Tanunda Lutheran School commenced their Sustainable Outdoor Learning Environments (SOLE) program. The program aims to foster a culture that helps the school develop an inspiring educational model that embraces environmental, social, and economic […]

2904, 2016

Salisbury Water – Case Study

Salisbury Water approached Frenchenviro to help them develop educational tools that addressed these needs and collaborate on innovative trials involving the use of recycled water in small scale, commercial urban farming experiments aimed at boosting […]

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310, 2017

Sustainability – threat vs opportunity

What do the following organisations have in common?

  • Ecovative who grow packaging from mycelium and agricultural waste, supplying clients like Dell, Stahope Seta (and possibly IKEA soon) with biodegradable alternatives to Styrofoam and extruded […]
2305, 2017

Business case: How schools can profit from doing more good

Organisations have huge environmental and social impacts and the standards they set play a large part in determining whether we continue to exist on a thriving or decimated planet.

Sustainable practice is a competitive edge

Smart companies […]

1602, 2017

Teaching sustainability leadership through action

Despite considerable integration of sustainability into the Australian Curriculum, Early Years Learning Framework, the National Quality Standard, the question on how best teach students these skills remains. Research released last week shows humans are changing the […]

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